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Stephanie has been my reflexologist for 15 years. I really missed her moving to Nevada. When she visits New Jersey, I always schedule a group of sessions with her. Reflexology is so relaxing, its better than massage for me.

Jan C.

Stephanie helped me so much after a car accident. I could feel a difference in my neck, right after the session

- Mary M.

I was in a car accident and suffered with the pain for over a year. A friend of  mine recommended Steffie.  After 3 sessions, my back, neck, shoulder and jaw pain were over 50% better. And she also knew which other health practioners I should see. I am so happy  I listened to my
friend and avoided surgery.

- Sherry T.

I had planter facitis and they were recommending surgery.  Stephanie helped me on the first session. By third session, my pain was alleviated and so was my need for surgery. Yeah!

- Donna R.

Thanks to Steffie my Husband and I have a beautiful girl. We had given up after 5 futile years of fertility procedures.  After 4 weeks and 5 treatments for each of us, I was pregnant.  That was the best gift.

- Megan and Charlie R.

Steffie worked on my husband , who had brain cancer. She gave him relief for a period of time, and that was  a blessing.

- Tara G.

I had a case of carpal tunnel syndrome and they wanted to operate.  After 6 sessions, my hands were no longer tingling at night. Now I go every 6 weeks for maintence. Anything is better than surgery.

- John D.

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